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      七大pt老虎机排行大全 Properties: The yarn is curving and has fleecy effect through false twist texturing.Application: DTY is an ideal raw material for knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting) or weaving, and suitable for the production of garment materials (suit, shirt), bedding (quilt cover, bedspread, mosquito curtain), decorative accessories (curtain fabric, sofa fabric, wall covering fabric, auto interior decorative fabric), etc. 
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      老虎机pt大全送38论坛 Properties: High strength, good molding property, uniform fineness, strength, elongation and dyeing, etc.Application: It can meet the requirements of high-speed warping machine and high-speed shuttleless loom and can be directly used for knitting and warp knitting. It is widely applied to polyester taffeta, polar fleece, single sided velvet, clinquant velvet, mercerized velvet, corduroy, speckled velvet, warp knitted velvet, warp knitted short hair velvet, warp knitted striped velvet, warp knitted panne velvet, warp knitted eyelet fabric, warp knitted mercerized silk, loop velvet, panne velvet, five-harness sateen, polyester taffeta, mercerized silk, water jet light textile (imitated silk fabric), water jet eight-harness sateen, weft oxford fabric, checkered oxford fabric, jacquard curtain, print curtain and other fabrics. 
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      pt老虎机游戏大全 Property: High pre-orientation degree, stable property, good mechanical property, high uniformity and good processability.Applications: It can be used to make the products with different properties such as drawn yarn, high stretch yarn and air textured yarn through the working procedures including drawing, draw texturing and air deformation. It can be made into various imitated wool products, imitated linen products, and imitated silk fabric products, and is applied to weaving and knitting industry. 
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      pt老虎机资讯网站大全 Features of Dacron FiberStrength: The strength of dacron fiber is about two times that of cotton and four times that of wool, so the dacron fabric is strong and durable.Heat Resistance: It can be used at the temperature of 70-170°C, and owns the best heat resistance and heat stability among synthetic fiber.Elasticity: The elasticity of dacron is similar with wool, the crease resistance is better than other fibers, no crease of dacron fabric, good shape-preserving propertyWearability: The wear resistance of dacron ranks only second to chinlon among synthetic fiber.Water Absorbency: The moisture regain of dacron is low. Dacron owns good insulating property, but poor dyeing property due to large static electricity caused by friction because of low water absorption.
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      pt老虎机白菜大全 Features:With the advantages of FG610 master batch, obviously promote the surface properties of transfer film, release film, print film and optical film.Applications:It is mainly used for production of various ultrathin films, optical film and other films with special requirements on surface properties.
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    欧洲pt老虎机网站大全is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, it is restructured from the Sino-Foreign joint venture Fujian Jinlun Petrochemical Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd. with initiated establishing way of shares. Fujian Jinlun Fiber Shareholding Company Limited set up in November of 2003, is a large-size petro-chemical enterprise invested by Mr. Zheng With registered capital of USD 76,100,000, Jinlun occupies area of 800,000 square meter and the total staff is around 1200 including 200 employee with advanced or middle titles. ...

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